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Alt Truism
February 1, 2010, 13:33
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Some people love them, some people hate them, some have none, others have more, more still have one toon of almost every class.

Long gone are the days of the World of Warcraft where having one single main meant that you are a dedicated player who is solely focusing his/her attention and game time on making better one character above all and that character alone. Those day in World of Warcraft where healers and tanks were so inapt at doing sufficient DPS to kill even one simple outdoor mob their level in a timely fashion, that each had a hunter farmer just to gather consumables for their mains, or the money to pay for them.

In today’s WoW,  some hardcore guilds will outright require that you have an alt-main, a character comparable in gear to your main, a character you can use to raid limited-attempt bosses so that when the time comes to take your main-main into the instance you will have already learned the fight sufficiently enough to be able to save any wipes, deaths or other inconveniences. Other hardcore guilds just insist on using all your available alts for purposes of saronite gathering for your main’s craftables, whether you like it or not. I was simply doing it out of dedication (and the lack of ~20k gold to buy them) but some folks make this practice mandatory.

Folks at Blizzard  themselves seem to be encouraging alt-play, in a growing number of ways:

  • Hodir enchants/shoulder enchants made BOA
  • Heirlooms and the  +20-25% XP gain
  • Upcoming Cataclysm changes (achievements made global/account-wide)

This really brings up many questions concerning the future, such as:

  • Will they  increase the 10 character/server limit?
  • Will they think of more ways to encourage tanking/healing style of play to remedy the current situation of 1 tank for every 4 healers, 1 healer for every 8 dps?
  • Given that any alt may be brought up to the current tier level of gear,  will there be an incentive to actually stick with one class?
  • And appropriately, assume that 80% of the player base will have a lvl85 of every class there is, where will we go from there?
  • With people running out of new avatars to play will they finally break down the horde-alliance social barrier as some people speculate?

Only time will tell…

Relevant add-on: Altoholic


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