(Gnome) Tank for Life

With privilige comes responsibility
February 1, 2010, 13:58
Filed under: advice, PUG, thought

The position of tank

And I don’t mean in-game. In today’s PUG environment the tank is expected to know the instance he’s tanking, to keep agro on everything, and to make the run quick. The “gogogo” mentality that I think originates from a big chunk or players only using the LFD tool to get their 2xFrosts quickly, is so prevailant that even Veneratio has posted advice on how best to speed up the pace of pulling. Not one second wasted, no sir.

Now, tanks are in the position to dictate the speed of clearing an instance but does this mean we are free to use the rest of the party like an extension of our arms, doing what we want at will and expecting 4 other players to adept without a word and like it? Although they may not say a word, in each instance we are running with a party of 5, 3 of which have been sitting in queue for possibly 10-20 minutes. Thus they may rightfully expect a fast run but not at the expense of the healer. Now, I’m not saying that every PUG’s wishes should be the tank’s command, but given his position, one of the best traits of a good tank is that he considers the other 4-24 people he’s working with. We expect all DPS and healers to do their job and assist us in doing ours, we should accept no less from ourselves.


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