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/hug a tree today!
February 3, 2010, 14:03
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…and every day! Because it’s good for your spirit and because trees need love and anyway, who wouldn’t love cuddling up to the warm leaves of a druid in Treeform, smelling the fragrant aroma of tingling nature magic around and under the softly pulsing bark… but I’m getting off topic.

Good PUGs are good

Recently I read an interesting topic over at Pink Pigtail Inn (yes I often reference her, Larísa is one of my favourite writers) about why people are usually interested in drama, catastrophies and other negativities but never the opposite, coupled with Shintar’s not-so recent post on how the once naturally close bond between tanks and healers has deteriorated, prompted me to bring up the subject in this post and pair it up with a good PUG experience at the same time.

Queuing up for my daily 2 Frosts yesterday, 10 seconds after pressing ‘Find Group’ in the LFD window I found myself in HOL with a resto-druid in the role of healer, a DK, a pally and another warrior, or in other words a full melee team of DPS with no agro reduction capabilities whatsoever. Immediately I saw that the tree will have her work cut out as she had some 14k-ish mana and an assortment of blues and greens, no heirlooms. Yet, judging by the immediate GOTW and thorns on everybody, the well-fed buff and frostwyrm flask (yes, in a heroic!) I thought to myself “There will be no problems”.

And there weren’t any! I went all out as usual, had vigilance on the highest DPS (the warrior, of course) and even ran the whole thing in full Effective Health gear. Granted I didn’t pull 2 packs of elementals or run the gauntlet in one go like I normally do, poor druid was drinking after every almost second pull (planted the moment we exited combat) but managed to apply HOTs flawlessly, immediately rezzed the pally after dying on Slags and even managed to save one DK from something like 5% health when we got to the nasty Runeshapers with their 360′ AOEs. Needless to say even though we had a minimum of 3 x 2 interrupts in party, I alone was shieldbashing and concussion blowing every lightning-dwarf. To sum it up, the tree healed the instance like a pro and I’m guessing she had another healer somewhere and was leveling the tree as an alt (but still, no heirlooms..). It’s an old habit of mine to emote /hug on every healer at least once during the course of every instance (to reinforce that “I depend on my healer-my healer depends on me” bond Shintar mentioned earlier) but this druid deserved a /hug AND a /pat, AND a /cheer, plus some verbal acknowledgement on the great job she did on healing in her undergeared setup. As I recall, I did a lot, lot worse on my first few heroics when I made my druid a healer. And kindly she accepted, even making a /happy emote at me, perhaps simply out of amusement for the silly gnome jumping around a dead Loken while commending her healing skills.

A good tank is happy when her healer is happy!


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10 seconds? Either a really slow queue or a really fast load screen 😉

I wonder about your bond statement–I don’t feel any differently about healers than I did before RDF–well maybe that isn’t true–but I think that is going to be a post length response, which I will link here.

Comment by Guthammer

Yes that’s correct, a 2 second wait and a 8 second loading screen. Looking forward to your thoughts 🙂

Comment by Sudiin

RDF Pugs…They’re people?

Comment by Guthammer

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