(Gnome) Tank for Life

About Me

Hello! Welcome to my semi-serious blog.

My name is Sudiin and I play a protection warrior in World of Warcraft, on the Quel’thalas EU server, in the guild Noble Elite Guard I have a pure interest in PVE gameplay and endgame raiding, specifically every aspect of gameplay that involves tanking mean, powerful and huge NPC bosses with my little gnome.

Being the meatshield in WoW is what I consider my calling, niche, expertise, preference and what ever other terms you can think of which describes a gaming career. There is nothing like being in the focal point of “the Great Trinity” of dealing the damage, tanking the damage and healing the damage, one gnome channeling the majority of damage both dealt and received between Raid and Boss, until one of us goes down.

My ultimate goal in WoW is to master the protection warrior way of tanking (a process in itself of neverending self-perfection) throughout all of Blizzard’s whims and fancies, to represent the great race of Gnomes in WoW by keeping the number 1 position of best-geared gnome tank on my realm as I’ve done for years, and – eventually- to have a tank of each of the 4 classes.

My WoW characters of significance are:

Sudiin (Warrior/Protection), my main who I started on QT more than 4 years ago, soon after server launch. He was the first gnome to take up tanking seriously on the server and is the only gnome who is still going strong, resolute with shield in hand to meet any present and future challenge on the face of Azeroth.

Kaurous (Druid/Feral/Resto) – My very first WoW char I made and leveled, after 3+ years of tanking on warrior I transferred him to QT and thus now have a competent healer and raging bear to dabble in 5mans with.

Tropic (Hunter/MM) – My farmer – the kick ass dorf girl DPS who I can use to help the guild on some rare occasions and farm ore.

Xudiin (Warrior/Protection) – The first warrior hailing from my old server, recently brought up to speed and into Cataclysm content. Surprise surprise… he is also a warrior tank, not so rich in raid-gear as Sud and sadly not even a gnome… but complete with 5+ years of experience tanking which will serve him well in the unforgiving atmosphere of PUGs.

Magistras (Warlock) – My choice of a good DPS class, the warlock is the toon I play when I want to see the big numbers fly!


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